It seems like not too long ago, we were blasting our air conditioning units trying to stay cool this summer. But with school back in session and the weather starting to cool, summer is officially over, and let’s face it, winter will be here before you know it. Before long, you’ll be turning on the heat to fight the cold weather. Before you make the switch to heat, the fall is a great time to complete HVAC maintenance. In this two-part blog, we’ll be covering fall maintenance tips for both air conditioning and heating systems.

Fall Air Conditioning Checklist

Most people wonder why air conditioning maintenance is recommended in the fall when they probably won’t be using it again until the warmer months. However, it’s best to clean and service your AC system after it has spent all summer working to keep your home cool and comfortable. Skipping maintenance in the fall can lead to unexpected and costly repairs when you’re ready to begin using your system again. Check out the following checklist for fall air conditioning maintenance to ensure that your unit is ready and in great condition for the spring!

Inspect the ducts

Getting the ductwork in your home is important, especially after a summer that brought hot and humid conditions. The heat and humidity can cause moisture to build in your ducts, which can potentially lead to the growth of mold and other organic toxins and cause health problems in your home.

Clean Drain Lines and Pans

It’s important to make sure there is no standing water in the drain lines or pans as it can lead to the growth of mildew and mold. The drain lines should also be inspected for blockages so you don’t get unexpected water leaks and back ups when you turn the system on in the spring.

Check Refrigerant

The fall is a great time to check the AC’s refrigerant charge. If it is low, that is usually a good indicator that there may be a leak. It’s better to locate and repair a leak now, that way you can ensure your home will be filled with cool air on that first hot day.

Inspect Belts and Pulleys

The fall is a great opportunity to have the parts in your air conditioning system inspected and replaced if needed. For example, having a worn belt that sits through winter without any activity is more likely to break when the system starts back up.

Clean the coils

It’s important to check the air conditioner’s coils for built-up grime. Grime not only causes corrosion to the coil but also causes the entire AC system to lose efficiency. Letting dirt, debris, and other grime sit on the coils over the winter could potentially cause coil damage and refrigerant leaks and could lead to higher energy bills, more breakdowns, and a decreased life span of your air conditioning system.

If you are in need of fall HVAC maintenance for your air conditioner, contact Tri-Elite Advisors! Our experienced HVAC technicians know what it takes to extend the life of your air conditioning unit and make it as energy efficient as possible. Contact our team today to schedule your air conditioning service.