1. Common Myths about Home Cooling

    There are so many myths out there about cooling your home. Summer is here at last. And while we're excited about the longer days, the fireworks and the sunshine, the heat can get tiresome pretty quickly, especially now that we're headed into July. Your home should be a refuge from the heat, and with…Read More

  2. How to Stay Cool While Saving Energy Part 2

    Summer is almost here, but that doesn't mean that your energy bills have to break the bank. The first official day of summer is on June 20th, and while it's still over a month and a half away, many of us have already started to turn on our air conditioners to combat the rising temperatures. In a few…Read More

  3. Why HVAC Maintenance is Essential

    Your HVAC system is an investment, and it's important to maintain it properly. An HVAC system isn't a small investment, but you'd be surprised at how many homeowners will spend thousands of dollars on their HVAC systems without taking proper care of them. Regular maintenance is essential for your HV…Read More