How do you know when to replace your furnace?

You depend on your furnace to keep your home warm and cozy all winter long, but when something goes wrong with it, how do you know if it’s better to repair it or to get it replaced altogether? At Tri-Elite Advisors, we offer so much more than HVAC repairs and other services in West Chester; we are dedicated to giving you the information you need to make the smartest decisions about your HVAC system. Our experts have come up with this list of signs that indicate the need for a new furnace:

#1. Your energy bills have taken a turn for the pricey.

Have you noticed a spike in your energy bills in recent months? If you’re suddenly paying more for your heating than you previously had been, it’s a sign that your furnace isn’t quite as efficient as it used to be. When furnaces get up there in age, they start to lose efficiency. One way to ensure that your furnace will stay as efficient as possible for as long as possible is to keep it properly maintained.


#2. Your furnace is 16-years old or older.

Whether your furnace is a natural gas or oil furnace, you can expect it to last anywhere from 16 to 20 years. Old age isn’t necessarily the only indicator that you need to replace your furnace, but if you are facing an expensive repair, you’d be better off just replacing it if it’s getting up there in age. According to the Department of Energy, once a furnace reaches 20-years old, its efficiency drops to approximately 78 percent or lower AFUE (annual fuel utilization efficiency). AFUE is the essentially the rating system for the energy efficiency in heating systems. For example, a 98 percent AFUE furnace can use 98 percent of the energy required to heat your home, and the other two percent escapes through the ventilation and pipes.

#3. Your furnace requires frequent repairs.

Do you find yourself calling in the professionals to come fix your furnace on a regular basis? While most repairs are cheaper than purchasing a whole new furnace, they can really add up over time. A good rule of thumb is that when the cost of repairs exceeds half of the cost of replacement, you’d be better off replacing your furnace.

#4. Your furnace isn’t heating your home evenly.

Are there some rooms in your home that are colder or warmer than others? Do you find yourself adjusting the thermostat all the time in an attempt to make your home more comfortable in certain areas?  Your furnace is designed to warm up your entire home evenly, and if it can no longer do that, it’s time to invest in one that will.

#5. Your furnace is damaging the air quality in your home.

Over the years, mold, dust and mildew can start to build up in your furnace, and when your furnace forces out warm air in your home, all of those contaminants are released as well. If your allergies or asthma have been irritated in your home recently, your furnace could be to blame.

Whether it’s time to replace your furnace or you’re in the market for repairs, Tri-Elite Advisors can help. Contact us today to get started.