Staying cool doesn’t have to mean astronomical energy bills.

Most of us are accustomed to paying higher energy bills when we have to run our air conditioners throughout the summer, but staying cool doesn’t necessarily have to mean higher energy bills. In fact, there are lots of things you can do to save more energy while staying cool:

#1. Don’t neglect HVAC maintenance.

In a previous blog, we went over some of the reasons why it’s so essential to ensure that you properly maintain your HVAC system, and one of the reasons we gave was that it keeps your system working efficiently. If your system isn’t working at its peak efficiency level, the bottom line is that it will cost you more to run it, and if you have to rely on your air conditioner all the time, it can really add up. HVAC maintenance keeps everything in your system running smoothly and efficiently, helping you to cut your monthly energy bills.

#2. Get the HVAC repairs you need promptly.

In addition to getting the regular maintenance you need, it’s also important not to put off repairs when your system needs them. If your air conditioner is in need of repairs and you keep running it, it’s not likely to run very efficiently. Plus, if you don’t get repairs taken care of early on, the problem is only going to get more severe, and therefore, more expensive to fix. Getting prompt HVAC repairs gets your system back up and running efficiently again quickly and helps you save on repair costs.

#3. Program your thermostat for success.

The fact of the matter is that, if you’re paying to cool your home when no one is there to enjoy it, you’re wasting money. So it’s important to program your thermostat for the times when you’re not home or when you go to sleep at night. It’s also advisable to turn the thermostat a few degrees warmer, as it can translate into big savings every month. If you don’t have an automatic thermostat in your home that allows you to preprogram for different times of the day, you should definitely think about upgrading. Upgrading to a programmable thermostat saves an average of $180 on cooling costs every year.

#4. Utilize your ceiling fans.

If you have ceiling fans in your home, then you have a powerful tool for staying cooler while saving energy already. Although your ceiling fan won’t lower the temperature in your home, it can make you feel cooler when it’s on, which will allow you to get away with setting your thermostat a few degrees warmer without noticing much of a difference. By using a fan, you can make the room feel approximately four degrees Fahrenheit cooler than leaving the fan off, just make sure to turn it off when you’re not there to enjoy the effects.

As you can see, there are lots of ways to cut energy costs while staying cool, and in our next blog, we’ll be over a few more things you can do. If your system is due for repairs or maintenance, give our HVAC contractors in West Chester a call, and be sure to stay tuned for our next blog to learn more helpful tips.