The last thing you should do when you need air conditioning repair is to procrastinate, but the signs aren’t always obvious.

When there’s a problem with your air conditioner, it won’t fix itself, and it won’t get any better if you put it off. In fact, the problem will only get worse, which will likely make it more expensive to fix as well. It’s important to fix your air conditioner right away, but the signs that you need air conditioning repair aren’t always overly obvious, although they can be. In our last blog, we went over a few of the most common signs that your air conditioner is in need of repair. Today, we’re finishing this blog series with these last few signs:

#4. Your unit is leaking.

If there is moisture sitting around your air conditioner, there could be two main causes:

  • Refrigerant leak – Refrigerant leaks are a serious issue and should be repaired by a professional right away. If the unit is low on refrigerant, it will create bad airflow and will cause the compressor to fail.  The refrigerant needs to be replaced promptly.
  • Drain tube problems – Is there water pooling adjacent to your air conditioner? This could be a sign that the drain tube is either broken or clogged. Drain tube problems are much less serious than refrigerant leaks, but you should still get them taken care of right away because they can lead to mold growth in your unit.

#5. Your air conditioner’s air flow is poor.

Does the air coming out of your vents seem incredibly weak and half-hearted? Over time, debris can build up inside of your ducts, restricting the flow of air in your home. However, it’s fairly rare for ducts to get so dirty that they actually require cleaning, so there’s a much stronger chance that the problem is originating in your air conditioner. Poor air flow is commonly a sign that your system’s compressor is on the brink of failing.

#6. Your unit is not putting out cool air.

This is the most obvious sign that your air conditioner needs to be repaired, because, well, what’s the point of your air conditioner if not to keep your home cool? If, regardless of what you set your thermostat on, the air coming out of your vents just isn’t very cold — or not cold at all —there could be something seriously wrong with your unit. This could indicate that your air conditioner’s freon levels are way too low, which may mean that your system needs to be replaced. It could also mean that the compression has reached the end of its life.  Either way, it’s important to get your system serviced as soon as you can when the air that it’s pumping out isn’t cool.

The last thing you should do is to put off the HVAC service you need, and our experts in Chadds Ford are standing by, ready to help. No matter what the problem may be,  you can rest assured that our technicians have you covered. Contact us today about your air conditioning repair needs, and don’t forget to ask about our $49 AC tune-up special!