In our last blog, we covered fall maintenance tips for air conditioners. Fall is also a great time to ensure that your heating system is ready to go for the cold months that are right around the corner. Before you kick the heat on, be sure to have your furnace or heating system maintenance by a professional HVAC service.

Fall Heating Checklist

Compared to the fall air conditioning checklist, there is more to consider when it comes to heating maintenance. Maintenance tasks can depend on the type of system you have, how it’s fueled, and how much heat is needed in your residential or commercial building. When in doubt, you can always contact a professional HVAC service. For now, check out the checklist for fall heating maintenance so you can rest assured you can stay warm during the winter season!

Check duct insulation

Over time, ducts can become damaged. As your home or business ages, insulation materials can become damaged or deteriorated from climate change and moisture. When ducts are damaged heat escapes out of leaks, never getting the areas you expect it to. Since the heat doesn’t reach the desired areas and affects the room temperature, the heating system works harder to warm your space, spiking energy costs. It can also cause more wear on the system and lead to a breakdown.

Check the electric

An entire heating system can be brought down by a simple failure of a wire or conductor. Ensure that all the electrical parts, wiring, and connections are in good condition so you can stay warm when the cold weather moves in.

Change filters

If you have filters that serve both the heating and air conditioning systems, you should seriously consider replacing them to avoid exposing contaminants that can cause damage to your entire system. If your filter is dirty or clogged, your furnace has to work harder and run longer to heat your home, wasting energy and wearing out your system in the process. New filters will allow adequate air flow and better air quality, so it is important to replace them before, or at the beginning of the heating season.

Inspect equipment

Like with air conditioner maintenance, you will want to inspect the heating systems belts and pulleys that are connected to the motor housing and blower. Again, belts and pulleys can wear down over time, and if they have been idle for a few months they could break when the system starts up, leaving you without heat.

You’ll also want to check the operation of the motors and blower fans. The blower plays a critical role in your heating system. Inspect the fans for grime and ensure that the motor is operating normally. Grime covered fans and a sluggish motor can end up causing costly damage to your system. Be sure to inspect all parts and make sure they are cleaned, lubricated, and in good working condition.

Fine-Tune Thermostats

If your thermostat is reading the wrong temperature it will be difficult to get your home comfortable. And, you could end up causing stress on your system by frequently readjusting it. Make sure that your thermostats are working properly, and that its temperature matches the one in the room, before the beginning of the heating season. 

The winter months are right around the corner, be sure you get your heating system maintenance in the fall so that you can stay warm. If you need heating or furnace maintenance, contact the professionals at Tri-Elite Advisors! Our team can ensure that your heating system will be working as effectively and efficiently as possible, right in time for winter. Contact the experts at Tri-Elite Advisors for all of your furnace and heating system needs!